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afterhours = meredithelaine

Age. 44
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. in desperate need of a tan
Location San Diego, CA
School. Univ of Scranton
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Sunday. 11.25.07 12:48 am
i hate this. i hate this frozen feeling. i hate the grapes. i hate the loneliness. i hate the echoes. i hate the fact that you don't seem to care. apathy rising. and i'll fade. continually, hopefully. because clearly, i'm just not needed anymore.

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Sunday. 11.4.07 2:34 am
it's been a fucking crazy couple of weeks. the fires, interpersonal strife, being taken advantage of, learning a lot, and now...i've got a cold. daylight savings weekend (fall back - gain an hour to party or what-have-you) and i'm sick. i haven't been out all weekend.

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don't give me a guilt trip
Thursday. 10.25.07 1:33 pm
when my dear friend shows up with his housemate on my doorstep at 9pm the night before and i take him in, YES, i'm going to leave the fuck early from work the next day, especially when there is pretty much nothing going on at work. i'm going to take care of my "little brother" and his friend. i'm going to be there for THEM.

the situation you're in, you should understand that.

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side note
Tuesday. 10.23.07 11:17 pm
the jimmy eat world show this past friday was PHENOMENAL. they played songs that i was pretty much dying to hear live, including: 23, for me this is heaven, disintigration, polaris, lucky denver mint, a cool reworking of your house...and of course a lot of others. and a bunch of tracks from the new CD.


i finally got myself up from the couch and away from the tv. i pretty much never watch tv. except during times of crisis - then i'm GLUED to the set. it's ridiculous. i think that about 8 hours is enough for one day.

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san diego fires
Tuesday. 10.23.07 7:41 pm
i've never seen anything like this in my life. i moved to san diego a year and a half ago from new jersey. the last time i smelled smoke in the air like this was 9/11, so there's a weird association to have.

my boss and a good friend of mine live in ramona, one of the hardest hit areas. word is that my boss's house is still standing - no word on the condition of her home, though. i haven't heard about my friend's house and if it is still standing. friends of friends no longer have homes. family members of friends of mine have been evacuated. i work in the staffing field, and many of our client companies have shut down, many of our consultants have evacuated.

most of my friends and i live closer to downtown, so we are out of harm's way (for now). my office has shut down early for the past 2 days - who knows if we'll even be open tomorrow, i mean, really, is anyone going to call to recruit or make sales calls when people have been evacuated and so many businesses are closed? that's ridiculous. and pretty heartless.

right now, i'm just starving for information, to find out where to donate, how to help, what i can do, what they need most...all that kind of stuff.

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Monday. 10.15.07 1:41 am
this friday, i'm going to see jimmy eat world at the house of blues!

so of course this means that it will be the longest week EVER at work.

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